Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Do not tell a soul - Nanowrimo - again

For the last few months I’ve been in Cornwall, first in a motorhome and more recently in a self catering flat in a hotel complex in St Ives. Why this has somehow almost completely prevented me from blogging I have no idea.
For the month of November I have been doing the Nanowrimo thing and trying to write a novel in November. I did it last year, 53000 words later being tidied up into “Aimless Fear”. I spent some time earlier in the year persuading reading groups and various other to read it and give me comments. Since then it has some minor modifications, reacting to those comments, and an editor is currently removing the last of the typos and grammar idiocies.
Meanwhile, so far this November I am up to 44000 and counting, with a bit of luck I should make it to the end in time.
So that’s it then, when I had no excuse not to blog I didn’t, now while I have a good excuse, what do I do, blog of course.
The book is science fiction, though probably not what would usually be expected - no spaceships for a start. The central character is a time travelling granny with her teenage grand-daughter as a side kick. For reasons buried in granny’s past, they are looking for a vampire. Other interesting matters like pastry, highwaymen, black pudding and heavy metal music are woven in one way or another, so with a little luck it won’t be boring. There are some quasi serious bits, I can’t help delving into a little medicine, virology, genetics etc, trying to make sense of what a vampire might be and why they live for ever.
If anyone fancies reading a first draft, let me know.

It is called “Do not tell a soul”, which is the name of the heroine, Donattella Soul, the time travelling granny.

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