Monday, 3 January 2011

Forensic trousers

The police have seized my mother's trousers. It seems like a pity to use a line like that on a blog, it surely would be good enough to launch a novel
My Mum who is 87, was hit by a car, broke a few bones and ended up in hospital. Once there, her trousers were seized by the cops as forensic evidence.
I should say that mum is in good spirits and seeing the funny side of all this, but I think I might be spending some time helping with rehab. It's not really a good idea to have an accident over a bank holiday, it makes it harder to find anyone who can give some indication of how the next few weeks will unfold, so for the moment, we still have little idea how it will go from here.
No doubt it will all provide useful material one day, but for the moment there is less time for writing.
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  1. I do hope your mother makes a swift recovery - at least she has a son who's a doctor. She's more chipper about this than I would be. Make sure she eats lots of protein - advice my daughter gave me for my fractured humerus.