Thursday, 28 October 2010

City and country life

City Life

Dusty romanced dirty streets

Secret people indiscreet

Walking closely far apart

That’s the city centre art

Crowded busses flashy cars

Fog and fume block out the stars

Hurry slowly nowhere soon

Morning night and afternoon

Reading other people's blogs I realised I’d never put a poem here. OK so here is one that probably explains why I live in the country now.

OK so I know that afternoon comes between morning and night, but then it wouldn't rhyme with soon, and wouldn't sound right. I used to write lots of poems but now I find novels and blogs are more fun.

Which leads me to country life. We live in an old farmhouse and there is a smell of home baking all the time – well there would be wouldn’t there.

My wife Lois is somewhat obsessed with baking and for the last couple of years has been experimenting with Gluten Free baking – because Gluten makes her sick.

She has now reinvented the original concept of web logging - later called blogging. She invents new Gluten Free recipes and writes them up on her blog as she does them. [ ] This does two things, makes it easy to find the recipe and also tells us when certain things were made, so we can do tests on what their shelf life should be. How many home cooks give best before dates to their products? For those who read her blog I am Mr. Taster on there.

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