Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Noises in my head

When I started this blog I had every intention of trying to write something most days.
Life intervened pretty quickly. 

I've had tinitus for many years, I think it came from using electric polishing machines making boats out of fibreglass many years ago.  OK so I've got used to it but it's changing.  Maybe I'm just getting old, but I am beginning to think I have Meniere's disease.  Occasionally and the last two days were an occasion, the tinitus gets louder and takes on a pulsating chatacter.  So imagine a high pitched white noise that getes louder in time with your pulse.  That lasts about four hours, maybe six, somtimes and then I begin to notice the giddyness.  The world keeps moving gently across and downwards to the left.  After that it's probably an hour before I'm sick and then it gets better, the pulsating stops but I feel wiped out and don't do much for a while.  
Hence no blog, and what better subject to return to than Meniere's or whatever it is.
In the event that anyone else with the condition, or anything like it, is reading this then I'd love to compare notes.  Seriously I would.

Apart from that it's been a good day, I didn't even get very annoyed with the Today programme. It's only a matter of time before I start ranting about their lack of optimism and lack of numeracy but it can wait.  One bout of giddyness and vomiting will do for now.


  1. Hello Rod, I came across your blog as I was searching for information on my "noises". I've lately begun experiencing something similar. In my case it's a high-pitched noise that pulses for exactly five beats, then quits. It sometimes is followed by mild migraine symptoms (stiff neck, light one-sided headache) but so far hasn't gone into a full-blown migraine. Is it possible, d'you think, for migraines to have audio aura?
    In any case, I hope you're feeling better. Tinitus is very difficult to live with.

  2. Migraines can have an auditory aura. It is certainly described for basilar artery migraines, though to be sure of that I think neurologists would look for some more signs as well.
    If you put 'auditory aura + migraine' into Google you'll find a bunch of sites with various reports and explanations. I won't give medial advice over the Internet, it's just not safe; but if you can't follow some of the medical stuff I'd be happy to try and translate. I think if you hit the email on my profile I think it gets through to my normal email if you don't want a conversation that might be public, well at least to the small public that read this.

  3. Thanks, Rod - I appreciate your response, it was making me a little panicky today. I'll be checking it out with my physician next week. In the meantime, I'm enjoying your blog and am glad to have stumbled upon it.